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Keynote on COVID-19 Impact on Children with Neurodevelopmental Conditions in Nigeria

11 Nov 2022

Collaboration Established for Translation and Dissemination of ESRC Funded Project Resources in Nigerian Education System

Professor Olympia Palikara on the 11th of November 2022 gave a keynote speech entitled  'The impact of COVID-19 on children with neurodevelopmental conditions and their families: What's next?' on the Nigerian Association of Educational Psychologists.

A further collaboration was established between Professor Palikara and the Nigerian Association of Educational Psychologists to allow the translation and dissemination of resources deriving from the ESRC funded  (ES/T502054/1) project 'Back to secondary school for children with neurodevelopmental conditions: the effect on children’s academic and psychosocial adjustment’ to schools and education professionals in Nigeria. 

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